Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What To Eat At Taste Of Soulard 2016

The menu is out for the 2016 Taste Of Soulard event happening this weekend. If you aren't familiar already with the event, you have really been missing out. $25 gets you a booklet with six food vouchers and one voucher good for a Southern Comfort cocktail. You then get rally your best buds together and form your own pub crawl through the neighborhood using your vouchers. The event goes from 11am - 5pm this Saturday (Jan. 30) and Sunday (Jan. 31). While the event is technically happening on Sunday too, many restaurants aren't participating on Sunday due to the traffic they experience during the Beggin' Pet Parade.

The list of offerings for Taste 2016 has been made available in advance of the event so that you can plan your attack before Saturday. I've combed the menu, made my color-coded map and now share with you six suggestions of places to hit as well as a few dessert ones.

These are submitted in no particular order and are by no means the only things your should shoot for. I have very particular tastes, meaning I don't like spicy foods and my choices reflect that.

2016 Taste of Soulard menu

2016 Taste of Soulard Suggestions


Old Man Sandwich

House-roasted brisket and corned beef covered in Swiss and Provel. Add horseradish and put in all on marble rye. It's amazing. 


Bacon and Caramelized Onion Flatbread

For many of us, Franco is a luxury that we don't get over to enough. Take this opportunity to visit and enjoy.

Molly's Bar

Nola BBQ Shrimp with French Baguette

If there's one thing Molly's does great, its Nola seafood dishes. 

Soulard Preservation Hall

Fried Hot Dogs

What kind of person could say no to this?

Twisted Ranch

Big Kid Mac and Cheese

You are doing yourself a disservice if you haven't dined at Twisted Ranch yet. Take this opportunity to try this delicious dish.

Epic Pizza and Subs

Slice of Cheese Pizza

I have enough of these so, believe me when I say to try it. It's also likely the most filling choice on the menu.


You're going to want to use one of your vouchers for a dessert option.the Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce at Soulard's is a personal favorite of mine. Also, you can't go wrong with mini cupcakes from Sweet Divine. You'd rather drink your dessert? Try a Red Bird with a SOCO floater at Tropical Liqueurs.

Ticket booklets are available at all participating establishments or online through Mardi Gras, Inc.

Looking for more of my ramblings about the 2016 Mardi Gras season? Check out this post I wrote for RealLifeSTL.

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