Friday, April 11, 2014

DJs United Conference Featuring Ashanti This Sunday In Soulard Market Park?

The DJs United Conference is taking place from today until Monday in Clayton. The event agenda lists a "Concert in the Park" on Sunday from 3pm-6pm.

The event touts 20 coalitions representing over 2,000 DJs. The agenda is filled with workshops about the business of DJing as well as several battles and other competitions.

Here's a promo video for the event. (Warning: Language)

Promotional materials found for the event on Twitter feature some heavy hitters like Ashanti.

Murphy Lee and some other people I haven't heard of but are probably pretty popular are being touted as being at the conference as well.

You can follow the event on Twitter here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Wedding Day Jessica and Beau

Two awesome people are getting married today and Soulard features prominently in their love story. The pair had their first date at International Tap house, Beau proposed to Jessica there, and they'll toast their committment to each other tonight there as well.

Happy Wedding Day Jessica and Beau.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Jim Edmonds Coming to Soulard April 7th

Everyone who's anyone loves Soulard. CBS Sports 920 and InsideSTL.com are no exception. The radio station heard Monday-Friday on 920 AM has held multiple events throughout Soulard.

The media empire announced today that a new show will be heard in the Noon - 2pm time slot beginning April 7th, the day of the St. Louis Cardinals' Home Opener. Former Cardinal and future Hall of Famer Jim Edmonds and station owner Tim McKernan will co-host the show, simply called The Edmonds And McKernan Show.

The first broadcast of the show will come to listeners live from Llywelyn's in Soulard on April 7th. Home Opener Day is always a fun day in Soulard and this will just add to the excitement. The Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds at 3:15 on that Monday. Llywelyn's and several other establishments will have their shuttles running to the ballpark per the usual.

CBS Sports 920 is advertising an opening day party at Llywelyn's for April 7th so hopefully that means they will be broadcasting all of their shows live from Soulard that day.

If you are a sports fan and like sports talk radio, you should be listening to CBSSports 920 throughout the day. The station features a quality lineup that includes Jimmy "The Cat" Hayes, Frank Cusumano, Bryan Burwell and Joe Strauss among others. The Ryan Kelley Morning After show from 7am-10am is a favorite of iLoveSoulard partially because several people involved in the show live in Soulard and The Island is spoke of frequently and fondly on the show. It also welcomes some heavy-hitting guests and has like good sports talk and stuff.

The station is spot-on with having segments of each show online for your listening pleasure quickly after the broadcast so go check some out and start listening.

Friday, March 14, 2014

St.Patrick's Day Festivities in Soulard

With St. Patrick's day falling on Monday, most of the celebrating will be done tomorrow. The downtown parade kicks off at noon.

Free Shuttles Downtown

Hammerstone's and Molly's will both be running free shuttles to and from the parade downtown.

Don't be a douchecanoe. If you're going to ride a shuttle at least buy something from the establishment.

ShamRock Block Party

Molly's and 1860's are teaming up for this one. It goes from 1p-7p on Geyer between the two establishments. Live music, street vendors, raffles, drinks, pig roast and more. VIP tickets are available that will get you a whole bunch of fun like beer, Jameson, food and gifts.

Through the Riverfront Times, you can get 50% of the VIP ticket. So, get all that above for only $25.  Sounds like a good deal.

Corned Beef & Cabbage At Cuz

Party At McGurk's

It's pretty much THE Irish pub in St. Louis. They will have live music all day long with food and drink specials.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saved by the Belt Buckle

Remember that robbery and shooting that took place on February 21 here in Soulard? iLoveSoulard talked to the 27-year old victim. Here's his story. Note: The victim's name has been changed to protect his identity.

Friday night February 21 wasn't much different for Ken than many other weekend nights. He was between jobs and staying with a friend in Soulard while he planned the next chapter of his life. Ken and some friends were sitting around at the house planning their strategy for the evening. At one point Ken remarked about how while Soulard was pretty safe relative to some other neighorhoods in St. Louis, it wasn't all that safe. People nodded their agreement and the conversation went on.

The friends headed out to a couple of different establishments in the neighborhood.

Fast forward to about 1am on Saturday morning. The group of friends had dwindled and people slowly started to call it a night and head home. Ken is left with a small group of friends. The friends decided to call it a night. There is discussion about Ken taking a cab back to his buddy's place. He figures it's only a couple of blocks and the weather isn't bad compared to what St. Louis had been experiencing this winter. He sets off from the establishment on Broadway back into the south end of Soulard.

He's a couple of blocks from his destination as it passes 1:30 am and closes in on 2. Ken hears a man's voice behind him at the same time he feels something poking into his back. “Give me your money” he says. Ken spins around to see an African-American male in his twenties of thirties pointing a gun at his face. “I don't have any money” Ken says. He puts up his hands and takes out his phone to show the worthless SOB in front of him what he does have.

Ken attempts to swipe SOB's gun away and hit him. The pair struggle. The man retains control of the gun and demands money again. “ I don't have any fucking money, Man” Ken replies.

Ken again tries to knock the gun away. He doesn't believe for a second that this man doesn't intend to fire his weapon. The pair struggles and then a shot rings out. Ken is on the ground bleeding. His phone is on the street inches away from him. He doesn't know the extent of the wound. He feels what may be blood on his stomach. He's in shock.

A car pulls up. A mid-2000s Hyundai Elantra it might be. Ken knows his cars. He knows it won't matter much since the vehicle will most likely turn up stolen.The African-American male picks up Ken's phone and hops into the car as it speeds off. Ken is left laying in the street. Luckily, a small group comes walking by see him shortly thereafter. 9-1-1 is called.

Ken gives his statement to police and EMTs attend to Ken. He doesn't have health insurance. That's just one of the things going through Ken's mind. He has an interview scheduled for next week. As 2013 faded, Ken told his friends that this was going to be his year. He was going to get on with the Carpenter's Union and start making strides in life.

By Monday, the initial shock of how close Ken came to dying in the middle of that street is starting to fade. It's faded into a discomfort and uneasiness. He decides he can't stay living where he is. He moves out of the neighborhood and into a spare room in the home of a friend's parents. They've always been there for him. He feels safe there.

Ken had his interview and he thinks it went well. He is working on getting a decent cell phone. Luckily, reliable transportation is the more important requirement for the job and he has that. He figures he'll worry about the medical bills when he starts getting a paycheck.

2014 is going to be Ken's year. The bullet from the gun hit his belt buckle. A few inches either way and Ken may not have made that job interview. The two SOBs who targeted Ken didn't plan on that. They didn't care if he bled out on the street or not. They were willing to let him die just so they could have his phone. They won't get much for it. Even if Ken had been carrying a little bit of cash, it wouldn't have been that much. These hoodlums didn't care how their actions would affect anyone but themselves. They don't deserve to walk our streets. Ken deserves to be here. That's why he wore that belt buckle that night.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

SeenInSoulard #128 "Lady In Chair"

This woman must have worked a bit too hard at the Pet Parade. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Grand Parade Day Schedule

11am - Bud Light Grand Parade

2pm - Eve 6 (7th & Geyer)

3:30pm - Everclear (9th & Geyer)