Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trops Coming To Soulard?

A neighbor sent me this today.

That address is the former Gladstone's building at 10th and Soulard. This appears to be Tropical Liqueurs, which first opened in Columbia in 1985. It expanded in Columbia with a second location in 2001 and put a location in Springfield, MO in 2004.

The establishment specializes in frozen alcoholic deliciousness. 

I'll update this post when more information becomes available.


I called up to the downtown Columbia location today and spoke with a woman there. She couldn't really give me any information but she did allude to the fact that something is in the works in St. Louis. I have an email out to Trops to try to get some more information.


The Riverfront Times was able to confirm that Tropical Liqueurs does have plans to franchise a location in the St. Louis area, which would open in the Spring.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Life Coming To Old Library

Credit: Library of Congress

The old Soulard library at 706 Lafayette could reopen as early as December as a bar and restaurant featuring plenty of entertainment.

Originally built with a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York in the early 1900s, the building was last used as a branch of the St. Louis Public Library system in 1962. It has been a variety of establishments since then. It was most recently The Library Live Music Venue, which closed in June of 2010 after a very brief run.

The new business venture will not be the return of Hamburger Mary's, as some had rumored. It will, however, have a connection to the popular joint that closed in September. That connection will not be the money and management problems that plagued Hamburger Mary's.

I'll have more on the new venture in an upcoming post. Enjoy some photos I took tonight.

Monday, October 27, 2014

1925 South 10th Street Set for Rehab

nextSTL has the story today on the rehab of 1925 South 10th Street. That would be the house that is falling down and has had a temporary fence around it four at least 3 years, maybe more.

The plan has been talked about for a couple months at Soulard Restoration Group meetings. nextSTL reports that the building and adjacent parcels were sold for $28,500. For years the story had been the former owner, Pete Rothschild of Red Brick fame, wanted too much for the building. He had hoped to knock the building down and rebuild there.

The rehab of this building is considered a win for the neighborhood in terms of restoration.

nextSTL has more pictures and information on the renovations.

Photo Credit: nextSTL

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say Rawr to Lorna's Cancer This Sunday at Hammerstone's

You may not think you know Lorna, but I bet you've come across her at some point during your Island adventures. I've always known Lorna to be friendly, awesome and far from ordinary. Lorna is a long-time bartender at Llywelyn's and lives in the neighborhood. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Like many of those in the food service industry, Lorna doesn't have health insurance. Aside from the devastating experience of having to undergo chemotherapy and other treatment, she will be doing it without that insurance net.

A campaign has been set up on GoFundMe to help with medical expenses and the like. In 25 days, it has raised $3,705 of its $10,000 goal from 43 people.

This Sunday a fundraiser will be held on the Hammerstone's patio from Noon to 8 pm. A $10 donation to the cause is being asked for by organizers. All money will go to Lorna's medical expenses. Live music will be going on throughout the event. Here is the music schedule

11:00-1:00 Brewbadours
1:30-2:30 Maggie Dailey 
3:00-5:00 Steve Reeb
5:30-8:00 Mr. Wells

A raffle as well as a Bra Decorating Contest and Fashion Show will also be held. You can find the details on the event's Facebook page

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sneak Peek at Pizzeoli

Pizzeoli will open in October 8th at the corner of 12th and Allen. The spot was most recently occupied by Arcelia's. Before that, it was home to Juniper Grill.

If you can remember Arcelia's, Pizzeoli will not be utilizing the main seating area of the space. Owner Scott Sandler plans to have 14 seats around tables set up as well as nine seats set around the bar. The main bar is the same as it had been in the space but without the clutter behind it. Pizzeoli will have six beer taps and a vintage Coca-Cola cooler behind the bar. From that cooler, Sandler will serve beverages such as Coker de Mexico and Fanta de Mexico, drinks sweetened with natural ingredients.

I got the opportunity to taste several pizzas during my visit there last week. The oven Sandler will using a Naples-style wood-fired oven for his pizza. This oven has a smaller mouth and a smaller dome than some of the other woo-fired ovens around. The oven can fully cook a pizza in about 60 seconds at around 800 degrees.

I'll admit Neapolitan pizza isn't my first choice when I go out. So, if you are looking for an in-depth and professional food review, I suggest you wait for Sauce, Feast, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or the Riverfront Times to review it.

I really enjoyed the consistency of the crust Sandler uses. It folds well with the toppings, which is a plus. With a pinch of sea salt added to the crust right before it enters the oven, you get a good flavor from the crust. The Margherita pizza, the staple of any place of this nature, was excellent. The smoked mozzarella pie was really a treat. The cheese had a great consistency and tasted great. The perfect amount of smoked flavor. Sandler says he will be using local cheeses, but hasn't decided exactly yet on where he'll be getting it from.

Scott and I had a discussion a week or so prior to this about the lack of meat toppings on the menu. He told me he had a plan for that that I would probably be happy with. I was defiantly pleased when trying the finished product. The pizza on the menu is called The Soulard and will feature MATCH Italian sausage with a brushing of chili flakes.

A preliminary menu is available on the Pizzeoli website. 7 or 8 different pies will be available as well as a salad and a couple desserts. Pizzas will be 12 inches and cost between $9.95 for the Margherita and $13.95 for some of the more elaborate options. Hours are start out as Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm - 9 pm. Lunch hours and Monday hours are possible in the future.

I look forward to being able to enjoy Pizzeoli Neapolitan pizza in mid-October in Soulard. Enjoy some pictures I took during my visit and take my word and try it when it opens. Be sure to follow Pizzeoli on Facebook.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hispanic Festival this Weekend at Soulard Market Park

For the second weekend in a row, Soulard Market Park will play host to a weekend event. This one, the Greater St. Louis Hispanic Festival, will be a bit larger than the Soulard Art Fair. The event will run from 10 am - 10 pm on both Friday and Saturday and on Sunday from 11 am - 9 pm.

The Greater St. Louis Hispanic Festival has been held in previous years downtown and is making its first appearance in Soulard.

Lots of fun events are planned like the Los Ninos Kids Corner, live Latino bands, Folkloric dancers and a Low Rider Car Show.

Admission to the event is free.You can check out the schedule of events here. The Car Show will be held Sunday at 2 pm. Also, follow the festivities on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clementine's Closing after 36 years

Clementine's is closing after 36 years in business. iLoveSoulard first saw the news on Nextdoor. Sunday will be the last day of business. In April, the bar celebrated its 36th anniversary.

One of the oldest, if not the oldest gay bars in the Midwest, Clem's has been in business at the same location at 2001 Menard since the 1970s. It is routinely named one of the top gay bars in St. Louis.

An employee who answered the phone at Clementine's was not a happy camper, as expected. He did confirm that Sunday is the last day of business. Ownership is keeping them largely in the dark, other than, you know, telling them they are out of jobs as of Monday.

The only thing that was said to employees was that the bar was going in a different direction and would not be a gay bar any longer.

This post will be updated as more information is available.


Chris Andoe spoke lovingly of Clem's in The Vital Voice today. Steven L. Brawley, who founded the STL LGBT History Project, will be at Clem's Sunday in an effort to collect memorabilia from the bar to memorialize it.

Here's another post from #Boom magazine.