Thursday, August 19, 2010

Market Grill in the Post-Dispatch

Our own Market Grill got the Post-Dispatch treatment today.  Here's the article:

PD article

....and my take:

I enjoy the food at Market Grill quite a bit.  The article basically says that their visit was hit-or-miss on the dishes with a bunch of fancy words in between. I suggest trying the Ahi tuna gyros, they are excellent.  The best part of Market Grill is that it is completely non-smoking.  It's worth a look to take a look at the Specials board  at the corner of Lafayette and 9th daily to see some of the great-sounding dishes and soups the Staff comes up with.

One star, really?  I think this writer thinks a little too much of themselves. But then again, the article serves its purpose by making you realize you should try it for yourself. Chris and the gang deserve a better rating..  I say it is an above-average restaurant and worth a try.  I wouldn't consider myself an expert on fine dining, but I am willing to bet a $2 bottle of Stag or a happy-hour $1.50 Bud Light that if you try it once, you will like it enough to want to try it again.  So, try Market Grill out for yourself and if you don't like it, email me and we'll have a beer on me.