Monday, September 6, 2010

Loyalty Programs in Soulard

If you are going to live on the Island, here are three loyalty programs that you would benefit from joining. Two of them are a must and the other is a must if you like beer.

  • Llywelyn's VIP Card
    • $20 one-time membership.  Then you get $20 put on the card the next day so, it's really a wash
    • Get $1 on the card for every $10 you spend at Llywelyn's
    • Kids eat free on Tuesdays
    • No cover, ever.  (typically $5 on Friday and Saturday nights)
  • iTap Passport Program
    • $15 one-time fee.  You get a pint glass that says "Passport Member" or something like that and a sweet passport to keep track of the beers you consume there
    • Reward Levels: 
      • Travel 20 Countries - receive a 20–Country Beer T-shirt
      • 100 Beers - receive a 100 Beer Long Sleeve T-shirt (red long sleeve. Says "100 Down, 400 Beers to go)
      • 300 Beers - an engraved name plate to “immortalize" yourself at iTap
      • 500 beers - we’re impressed! We’ll have a party in your honor and throw in a $200 bar tab
    • Thursday night: Passport night 8p-close
    • $1 off all 12 oz bottles
    • $2 off 22oz Bombers
    • $3 off 750ml bottles
  • Hhonors Dining Rewards
    • Register your debit and/or credit card with your account and get Hhonors points every time you use it at a registered establishment
    • Special programs for double points etc. at certain restaurants/nights etc.
    • Soulard establishments participating: Nadine's, Trueman's, Llywelyn's, 1860s, Hardshell, Market Grill, Sage,