Monday, October 25, 2010

New Plans for The Library?

Credit the Twitter universe for kickstarting this investigation.  A Brick City Sports LLC has been approved for a liquor license at what appears to be the old Library location on Lafayette.  The bar will do business as Dre's Bar & Grill. A full liquor license and dance hall license were awarded so I am told by the Excise Division.  The bar originally applied for a 3am license but pulled that application. It appears the bar will also have a "sports bar" feel from what the original notice says.

Here's why the location is confusing to me:

Months ago, I got a notice in the mail for a liquor license application from this Brick City Sports LLC.  It listed the address as 1705 S. 7th. If you go to the Assessor's site it lists that address as an alternate address for 704 Lafayette, the Library location.