Sunday, December 12, 2010

Church in Soulard

     So as I write this, I wonder:  How many Soulardians out there are thinking "Dang, I shoulda gone to Church today.  I'll go next week." ?  If you're thinking this, I bet there will be an excuse next week too. I don't blame you, especially if you have never been to a church in Soulard before.
     Checking out a church isn't like checking out a new bar. Walking in a church service for the first time by yourself may be more awkward than that dream where you showed up to high school as Captain Underpants.
The good news is that checking out a new church has way more potential than checking out a bar and the church won't bill you for your beverage

     So, here's a rundown of some churches in Soulard.  Pick one, go check it out next Sunday. If you don't feel you are ready to check out a service in person, check out their website and listen to a sermon