Friday, April 22, 2011

A Foodie Guide to Soulard

I like food. . . a lot.  Here's a quick list of my favorite foods in Soulard.  


The bag at John Donut
  • $2.22 Breakfast at Hammerstone's: 6:30a-10:30a M-F: Choose from either 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 toast or 2 eggs, 2 sausage.  I got with 2 eggs scrambled w/ cheese on top, 2 bacon, and wheat toast
  • Donuts: John Donut, located over across from Jimmy John's on the other side of 7th, opens somewhere around midnight and stays open until probably 10 am. A fresh blueberry glazed donut around 1 am is a little bit of heaven in your mouth.  Also try the apple fritter or pineapple-upside down cake thing.  Rumor is if you have a special donut requrest, like a vanilla-iced custard filled donut, call a couple nights in advance and they can work something out for you.
  • Omelet: Billie's Fine Foods, located next to Bar 101, is the only place that should come to your mind when the bars let out and you want a real breakfast.  Get the regular omelet with bacon and ham.  Packed to the gills with bacon, ham, and cheese.  You will be stuffed until lunch the next day, when you can try some of these other foods.  Also, try the meatloaf omelet.  It's a simple dish: meatloaf, cheese, gravy,egg. I've had it here and at City Diner, and the Billie's version rocks.

Garlic Knots at Feraro's
  • Meaty Cheese Bread: Joanie's- bread with cheese, sausage and pepperoni. It's pretty darn good.
  • Cheese Garlic Bread: Feraro's has the best and probably least healthy.  Dripping with butter and cheese, it's how this app should be done
  • Garlic Knots: Feraro's  wins for coming up with this app.  They take a knot of pizza dough, coat it in in butter, bake it, then coat it again.  Warning: getting the knots and the cheese garlic bread from here is not a healthy option.
  • Cheese Bread: Soulard Gyro and Deli has a different take on this classic.Instead of using traditional bread, they melt provolone and feta cheese on garlic pita bread.  It's unique for sure. Remember this establishment is cash-only

  • Smoked Beef Brisket Melt: Market Grill. The brisket on this is sandwich is awesome.  I would ask for the Gargonzola cheese sauce on the side because then you can dictate how much you want. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  • Taylor Ham: Feraro's. A thick slice of this ham product on some bread.  Simple, yet awesome.  I suggest getting it with cheese
  • Doner Supreme: Soulard Gyro and Deli. Gyro meat is sliced off right in front of you and slapped on a fresh bakery bun.  Add tzatziki sauce and feta cheese and you've got one of the best sandwiches in Soulard. Remember this establishment is cash-only.

  • Blues Burger: 1860's Burger with swiss and bleu cheese plus bacon
  • 9 oz. Tucker Burger: Tucker's Place A great burger, no frills.  Tucker's excels in burgers much like they excel in cooking steaks. 
  • (Thick) Meatball Pizza: Feraro's
  • Meatball pizza at Feraro's
    • Jersey-style, which means a thick, foldable crust and a slightly sweeter sauce. Try the meatball pizza.  They use an old Feraro family recipe for the meatballs and slice them real thin before layering them on in abundance.
  • (Thin) Johnny's Special Meat Pie: Joanie's
    • Thin crust pizza with hamburger, pepperoni, bacon, and double cheese.  
  • Market Grill Mac and Cheese: Market Grill
    • Thick, cheesy, and creamy; just like Mac and Cheese should be. Baked and topped with herbed breadcrumbs
  • Cardinal Dog: Great Grizzly Bear
    • I'm not sure if this is the correct name for this, or if I'm going to get the ingredients right, but I had it once and it was amazing. Take a hot dog, wrap it in cheese and bacon then deep-fry it.  Goes perfect with day-drinking before the Cardinals' game.
  • Steak: Tucker's Place
    • I'm not much into steaks, but even I know that you can't miss with Tucker's Place.  Best taste, best price.
Chicken Strips
Talk to any Islander who has been here a bit and you could probably argue until you are blue in the face about these two:
  • 1860's
    • These win easily for being the biggest in Soulard.  A greasy outside breading and juicy chicken inside.  Some will try to be healthy by taking the breading off, but I betcha you will end up dipping it in one of the great dips anyways and cleaning your basket.  Tip:  Go M-F 3p-6p for Happy Hour to get these bad boys at half price.  That's like $3 for what sure looks like  whole chicken cut up and deep-friend. Splurge for the dill dip, it's amazing.
  • Hammerstone's
    • These are the healthiest tasting of the two.  Handmade just like 1860's, but the breading on these is made with cornflakes.  These are a favorite for a lot of Islanders, just not me.
  • Cannolis: Feraro's
    • Take some tube-shaped fried pastry dough, fill it with some cream filling that tastes delish, then dip in chocolate.  The result will rock your face off
  • Ice Cream: 1860's
    • Homemade goodness in several different flavors, one of the few places in Soulard for this treat
  • Whiskey Bread Pudding: McGurk's
    • Hands-down winner for most mouth-watering description
    • "Traditional style, served warm in caramel and raspberry sauces, melted whiskey butter"
What are your favorite foods in Soulard? I know y'all have something to add.  Comment below