Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dozen Donuts at 2 AM

Last night, I had my own little social crawl through Soulard and Quasi-Soulard.  It ended with me covered in sand, but the proud owner of one dozen dounts from the greatest donut shop known to mankind.  How does that happen on a Monday evening?  Here's how:

First stop: Itap Clearly this is going to be my first stop.  Monday nights they put beads on half the draft handles and those beers are half off, 8pm to close.  Excellent way to try some new beers on the cheap, and if you're crazy like me, get some reading done without the distractions of home.  Some of the coolest staff on the Island doesn't hurt at all.

Stop 2: Redbox  Yesterday being the first Monday of the month meant two things: 1) I got a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the road in front of my house and 2) Redbox texted me a promo code for a free movie. Sign up for their email list to get in on this action. Also, apparently through 6/12 rent two movies and get a 3rd free.  The closest Redbox to the Island is outside the Walgreens on Lafayette.  One added benefit to going to this one is the people watching, trust me.  Ohh and also, check out this picture.  I don't know what it says about us that we need two Redbox machines, but go us.

Stop 3: 1860 Saloon Jen and Erica are both awesome, go see them sometime.  Apparently Mondays they have $2.50 domestic bottles, a definite bonus.  The new Game Room is a really cool thing to have on the Island.

Stop 4: Bar 101 Usually I avoid this place, especially on the weekends, but in reality that is quite stupid of me. I went to meet a friend who was there for karaoke. It's no Carson's Karaoke but it has potential and $2.50 AB Aluminum bottles. One of the coolest perks is clearly the sand volleyball however. I don't know the exact rules on who gets to use the courts outside of the leagues they have, but somehow we were able to get a ball and go play.  After my team won in a epic battle, which means about as much as winning an argument on Twitter, we watched some karaoke, played the basketball shooting game thing, and people watched.  Then came thoughts of food....

Stop 5: John Donut. I read this feature on Metromix.com the other day about the best doughnut shops in St. Louis.  I had to click through it three times because I reckoned I missed John Donut the first two times through.  Sure enough, at the end, there are two comments wondering what world they live in for leaving this treasure off the list.  As I left Bar 101 to walk the two blocks to my house, my thoughts turned to a late night snack while I watched the movie I had rented.  Being that it was a Monday, Billie's Fine Foods was not open at 2am.  Jimmy John's I think was technically still open, but from prior experience I know they don't like you walking through the drive-thru and they close the inside earlier than the drive-thru.  Then, my thoughts turned to John Donut, which they were actually on to begin with. I want to say it opens at 11p or Midnight and stays open until around 10am.  Basically when they start baking the donuts, they are open for business.  I don't carry cash much, so I turned to the trusty debit card.  $7 minimum to use the card, I could handle that.  I pick out six donuts and a can of Diet Pepsi, not enough.  I grab a couple more donuts.  Then the gent says to me "Ya know, if you buy a dozen you only get charged for 10 here."  Done and Done.  I set off towards home with a dozen pieces of baked glory.  I don't see anyone roaming the streets to offer some to so, I offer them to some of the people closing up the bars on 9th.  Apparently I caught them on a night they didn't want a late night snack.  Movie time it is.

Stop 6: The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James was the movie of choice.  It was free so, I was willing to take a chance on a movie.  This one barely beat out "Never Say Never" with Justin Bieber.  Don't judge.  Shoulda listened to RottenTomatoes on this one.  I didn't think it was a very good flick.  Probably woulda been better had they brought in Carrie Heffernan. The movie was of course made better by the donuts.

Good thing the donuts at John Donut are made with such awesomeness that they are still good after a day or two.  Again, don't judge