Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kickball and Yard Sale Postponed

The Soulard Neighborhood Yard Sale originally scheduled for this weekend has been postponed to a date that hasn't been set in stone yet.  The event has been postponed so that people can pre-game for Hula Gras on Saturday instead of having responsibilities that morning.  If you have input on when the sale should be, email me. I accept bribes like a FIFA judge handing out World Cups.

Also, apparently the SRG Kickball Fundraiser originally scheduled for Saturday has been postponed, according to this Twitter account .  Now, it is possible this is actually the guy who runs around shining shoes and may or may not snatch purses in his spare time, but I am pretty confident it is a fine, upstanding Islander.  Pick-up games will be played starting at 11a Saturday in Pontiac Park.  Glass is not allowed, but you are welcome to bring beverages contained in any other container of any size as long as you share, play nice with others, and don't act a fool.