Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iron Barley Raises Money For Lift for Life Academy...by Making a BLT

As some of you may have heard, Iron Barley, an excellent BBQ establishment on Virginia Ave in South City, recently made the World's Largest BLT.  We aren't talking about how some places say they have world famous sandwiches that turn out to be less than stellar. We are talking about having the Guinness Book of World Records official tape measured record for the biggest BLT.  This year's badboy used 600 pounds of bacon.  After measurements were taken, people paid $5/slice to consume said badboy.  All of the money raised went to our own Lift for Life Academy.

Credit the Riverfront Times for a great blog post on the event.

Anti-credit to The Mason and Remy Show on local country station 93.7 The Bull for posting this . They elected to post an MSNBC video of the event, neglect to mention it happened in St. Louis, and take what I consider a potshot at Iron Barley for doing this instead of "feeding the homeless" while failing to mention that the money went to charity.