Monday, August 29, 2011

Islander Lives Another Day in St. Louis Magazine Singles Contest

Angie Taylor, a Soulard resident and participant in the recent Soulard Neighborhood Yard Sale, has made it through to the Second Round of St. Louis Magazine's Top Singles Reader's Choice Contest. Angie is also a Co-Host of #SportsPRChat on Tuesday nights at 8p CST on Twitter. Voting ends this Friday, September 2 at Noon.  The winners will then be announced alongside the Edtior's picks in the November issue of St. Louis Magazine.

I was able to get my hands on some tips from a questionnaire Miss Taylor filled out for the contest. I also got answers to some other questions. Guys, no need to Facebook stalk, here are some tips if you know being yourself just won't work for you:

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          Turn Ons:Tall, athletic, strong shoulders
          Turn Offs: Smokers, No life goals, laziness

          Ever been to the East Side? I grew up on the East Side. What do you think?
          Ever been on stage? (Imagined answer based off above imagined answer)

What’s your motto?“Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.” Your favorite movie:I have too many! I love sports movies –Remember the Titans, A League of Their Own, He Got Game, Love and Basketball, etc. I also love comedies – Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, Baby Mama, etc. As a grownup, I also have a strange addiction to Pixar movies.
         Favorite meal:
I am the least picky eater ever! I love trying new foods and new styles. My ultimate go-to would be any type of chicken and potatoes.
          Favorite place in St. Louis for a date:

I could have fun doing just about anything, especially with the right person! But as I’m getting my footing in St. Louis, I’d love to try something different and discover new places in the area. As of now, an ideal way to start a date would be rooftop drinks/dinner at Vin de Set or Eclipse, then head to a sporting event or show. As an active person, I’d also enjoy a daytime walk through the St. Louis Zoo or Laumier Sculpture Park, or maybe an evening stroll through City Garden.
Any parting words? What else should a prospective date know about you?
A prospective date should know I’m almost 6” and I’m very proud of my height. I love sporting high heels, so I’m very attracted to tall men, ideally 6’2” and over! 

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