Monday, August 1, 2011

St. Louis Bar Cycle

If you were to go on Family Feud and the question was "What do people in Soulard like?" two things that would rank high on the "America Says" list would be bicycles and drinking establishments.   A new service in town is putting those two wonderful things together.The St. Louis Bar Cycle is an interesting contraption that you can rent out for your next group outing of up to 16 people.  I am assuming it is some kind of Flinstones-era magic that makes this thing go. Y'all sit around this bar on bar stools and pedaling.  The most competent person steers. You can bring your own beverages on the ride.  Dan, the owner, has worked out deals with various bars in Soulard for customers while they are on the magic bar cycle. Prices start at $10 per person per hour. Call 314-239-1884 or email stlbarcycle(at) for more information. Look for the St. Louis Bar Cycle to be out and about in Soulard tomorrow Aug. 2nd for National Night Out. Go talk to Dan about this cool service and tell him sent you and he might even give you a ride.