Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Wedding Day, Jeremy and Macy

Tonight, two of my favorite Islanders, Jeremy Mehrle and Macy Meyer, will become Mr. and Mrs. Mehrle.

I actually met Macy a couple years ago, before she moved to Soulard.  She was taking pictures of the Soapbox Derby on Geyer for her blog, GirlintheLou.

One of the first times I met Jeremy, I was told I should google his name.  I found fascinating stories like this and this. Not too many people I know have been featured on and a leading tech blog. Knowing him is about as close as I will ever get to meeting Steve Jobs.

Together, they do awesome wedding videography at Rue de la Vie, which they own.  They also do other awesome videos like this Rug Burns 2.0 video.  I mean that is possibly even better than my Yard Sale promo where I got chased with a taser.

Jeremy and Macy, I am blessed to count you two as friends and excited to get to share in the joy of your wedding tonight.

I still may kidnap your dog at some point.  Don't worry, I'll return him when he gets cranky and stubborn.

I leave y'all with their Save the Date video, which is something you need to contact them about if you plan on getting married soon.