Friday, September 9, 2011

Market Grill 2.0 Opens Today

Market Grill reopens today with their new menu.  Here's a picture of the CheeseBurger and fries I had last night at the soft open.  The burger was local and delicious.  The fries were so good I ended up only eating half of them...because the rest were swiped by various ladies of Soulard also sitting at the bar.  The bun was made in house and was excellent.  Chef Jonathan Olson and his team made three different cheeses in house yesterday morning as well. Check out the new drink menu too.  I will take credit for the names and descriptions you like and Katie can take the blame for the ones you don't.  Neither of us take any credit for the actual drinks because we aren't that good.

Call 314-436-7664 for hours of operation today.