Sunday, November 20, 2011

Epic Pizza and Subs Opening This Month

Notice something strange about this picture hanging in Epic Pizza and Subs?  The Cardinals weren't in the 1949 World Series. The Birds were in 1st from Game #115- Game #153, but then lost 3 of 4 and the Brooklyn Dodgers were off to face the Yankees in the World Series.  How does this exist then?  You'll have to go in to Epic Pizza and Subs on 9th next to International Tap House to get the whole story from the owners. Lots of great pictures and art hanging on the walls.  Word is the joint will open Nov. 28th. I was invited over the weekend to sample some food as they were testing recipes.  The burger was juicy and flavorful with a little bit of bit.  The wood-fired grill will cook a pizza in two minutes or less. Food will be available later than most anywhere else in Soulard once Epic gets up and going.  Look for good things out of this place.