Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Epic Pizza Now Open

Menu Board at Epic
We've all been waiting for Epic Pizza to open next to iTap on 9th.  For several weeks, they have been testing food and I was lucky enough to try a few items.  For a fat kid like me, a new restaurant opening on the Island is like Christmas every time.  Luckily, Tuesday of this week Epic Pizza opened their doors for a soft open. The crew should be ready to go full-tilt by this weekend.

I wasn't even all that hungry when I walked in Tuesday after work but I decided to go with the single cheeseburger and a slice of the "meat" pizza.

Now, I had had the burger a week or so ago when they were testing it and it was good.  This was better. It was really good and filling.  At $5 for the regular or $8 for the double, it's very worth the shot.  The slice of pizza was huge and my girlish figure probably didn't need that with the burger.  It was pretty good.  Big floppy crust and a ton of meat and cheese.  Every bite, you get that string of cheese hanging from your mouth.  Always a good sign.

Service was awesome because the ladies brought it to my stool at iTap next door. Pepsi products are on tap are well as some domestic beers.  Soft drinks you are welcome to take next door, but don't be a douche and bring your beer over.

The owners asked me for any feedback on my meal.  Two things: 1) I wish more of the cheese from the burger had stuck to the wrapper because that is delicious to eat after you finish your burger. 2) I said I would have gone without the tangy sauce because I'm a wimp. Their (joking) response was "well, we make food for women, too" Burn. Well played.

Try this place soon.