Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 RFT Best Neighborhood Blog

Well, the 24th of January turned out pretty cool.  I went to the 2012 Riverfront Times St. Louis Web Awards party at the Old Rock House not expecting to win for Best Neighborhood Blog at all.  I was really excited for the free beer from 4 Hands Brewing Company.  I met Chad Garrison, the new RFT Managing Editor, upon entering and a group of other great people I knew of, but had never met in person before the awards were announced.  Much to my surprise, the first award went to me for Best Neighborhood Blog.  I won this sweet trophy and got a write up in this week's RFT.  Just being recognized is more than enough for me.  My post about getting the nomination pretty much says what I would say as a thanks for winning, so I won't rehash that.

I will say I enjoyed looking at the other neighborhood blogs that were nominated. A big passion of mine is how to promote St. Louis and all of its awesomeness. While we have some good blogs out there, we can do better. I have started the ball rolling on my next project, Welcome2StL. Right now it is just a dream, a Twitter handle and a credit card payment for a domain, but look for it to be rolled out soon. Think of it as "St. Louis' Welcome Wagon". Follow @Welcome2StL on Twitter for updates.