Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hang Out On The Epic Roof Friday Morning

Todd George, owner of Epic Pizza & Subs on 9th, has invited anyone in the neighborhood to a cool little activity tomorrow morning (Friday) at 7am.

Fox 2 will be doing their "Morning Fly Over" from their traffic helicopter over Epic around 7am.

This is a neat opportunity to see the neighborhood from an interesting vantage point.  Photography is a hobby of yours? It's not everyday you will be able to take pictures of the neighborhood and the Downtown St. Louis skyline from a rooftop like that. Feel free to bring your cameras.

So, show up around 6:45am or so at Epic tomorrow. Bring your smiles and maybe Todd will have a treat for you. Do not bring any laser pointers or lasers of any other sort.  The FAA would not like that.