Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct 6 In Soulard

Oktoberfest is still a week away, but there is plenty going on on the island today.

Glow Run 5k- While the race website says the race goes through Soulard, it actually goes through Kosciusko. The course looks like it goes from Life For Life at 1800 South Broadway all the way over to the Arch grounds and back. The website speaks of an after party and beer garden after the race. I would assume this would be in the Lift For Life parking lot.

Angel Arms Bar Bounce- This goes from 12-6p today. The event is in its 7th year and has raised $175,000 for Angel Arms since its inception. The participating bars stretch from Carson's to Johnny's, all the way up to Nadine's and down to Molly's. Last year, this even was a thing to behold. If you live in the area of the crawl, keep an eye out for people using your property as an open-air bathroom.