Saturday, December 8, 2012

St. Louis Santa Crawl '12 **Updated**

The St. Louis Santa Crawl 2012 will be held tonight throughout Soulard. This is not to be confused with SantaCon, which is next weekend. 38 people have RSVP'd for tonight's festivities on the Facebook event page.

Here is the itinerary for tonight from the group's website

6:00p - 7:00p McGurk's
7:00p - 7:15p Santa Parade
7:15p - 8:00p Great Grizzly Bear
8:00p - 8:15p Santa Parade
8:15p - 9:00p Llewelyn’s
9:00p - 10:15p Carson’s
10:15p - 10:30p Santa Parade
10:45p - 11:30p Soulard Social House
11:30p - 1:00a Big Daddy's

Be on the lookout for Santas around Soulard this evening. Also note that 40+ people will be entering a bar at once when they switch places. Plan your trips to the bar accordingly.

Be sure to check out the Santa Crawl page. This event does do more than just bring people to Soulard to drink.

The Soulard Santa Crawl for charity is also happening today. This one starts at noon and runs all day however. Soulard is going to be packed with Santas all day and night.