Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Mardi Gras GPD Parties

Are you looking for the 2014 post? Here is is.

There are three things all veterans of Soulard Mardi Gras Grand Parade Day are likely to tell you:

  1. Think twice before having all your friends over for a party
  2. Have a plan
  3. Don't pee (even if squatting) in the alley
This post is to help you with #2. You need a plan on Grand Parade Day. Are you going to watch the parade? Are you going to settle in somewhere early and stay there?

Are you having a party at your pad?

Three things to remember:

  1. Have someone watching who the door.
  2. Hide your good shit.
  3. Cover your floors.
  4. Enter the the Monster House Party contest

If you don't go through life living under a rock, you know that the general public has neither manners nor common sense. People will think it is perfectly fine to walk into your place on February 9th. Be ready. On a scale of 1-10 how respectful do you think your friends are? That is exactly how likely it is that something in your home will get broken, stolen or ruined. Hide any valuables in a locked room. I had people over my first year in Soulard. Never again. One wise thing I did do was to cover my floors with plastic wrap. You can also use cardboard. It's a lot easier to throw out the wrap/cardboard then it is to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. Also, enter the Monster House Party contest. At the very least you get a bunch of free Monster.

Here is a list of parties (tents) on GPD. All will have bathrooms :

Bud Light Party Tent-$100
Official STLMG tent. $100. Unlimited Food, Beer, Liquor. DJs

Cards Soulard (Cuz)-$55
$55 in advance, $60 day of. Unlimited food/drinks. Sponsored by Bacardi. DJs. Call 314-241-2400 to buy.

Joanie's Mardi Gras Party Package-$85

Sonny's Mardi Gras Breakfast- $50
Only goes 8a-Noon. Includes re-entry to bar later. This Facebook event page just confuses me.

InsideSTL Mardi Gras Tent- $65
Includes six drinks tickets. Afternoon food buffet. On the parking lot across from 1860 next to Molly's.

105.7 The Point Party at Bar 101-$40
Four drinks tickets. Two food tickets.

Social House Party Gras w/ Clinton Sparks-$75
Premium all-inclusive bars. Heated tent between Social House and Market Lofts. This is different than this. Assume inside will just have a cover. Expect around $20

$30 wristbands get you in and out of the bar all day and two tickets. Tickets can be used for drinks or food. Limited amount available. Contact the bar for more information

1860's Party Tent-$65
6 drink tickets. Live music. Food buffet.

Open bar. 3p-6p Food buffet.

Monster Tent (DB's) $60
All-inclusive premium open bar.

Soulard Preservation Hall $75
Open Bar, Buffet, DJ. Indoors at Preservation Hall. Buy tickets through LivingSocial

The Porch $65
Hurricanes, Beer, Well Drinks, Snacks. Heated Tent AND Gated area in front