Saturday, April 13, 2013

Volunteer At Tap 'N' Run

If you didn't know already, Tap 'N' Run is happening next Saturday through the streets of Soulard. At least 2,0000 participants will walk, run, skip, rollerblade or be pushed through the 4k course. Keeping this race in Soulard took a good deal of effort from the SRG and SBA. Besides being a super fun event, the race organizers give back to Soulard by contributing to the Soulard Restoration Group in exchange for the SRG getting volunteers to man the "chug stations".

Here's your chance to sign up to help. Not a member of SRG? No problem. Sign up to volunteer and I guarantee you will meet some cool people. Then you can come to the Membership Party on May 1 at Grizzly Bear and become a member.

The SRG needs people from Noon-4pm on Saturday April 20. You will be put at a Chug Station and your responsibility is to keep beer cups full and pass them out to thirsty runners.

It will be a blast and you will be helping a great cause.

Sign Up Now. Hint: Chug Station #4 needs some help

Scenes from 2012.

Highlight Video

Tap 'N' Run St. Louis - July 28, 2012 - Hangover Highlights! from JAM Active on Vimeo.

Here's the RFT slideshow.

Apparently there was a dance party.

The same group did something resembling singing "Don't Stop Believing"

And there was a Belching Contest