Saturday, July 13, 2013

FacePunch Deserved

We can all agree that there are lots of things in life that people deserve to be punched in the face for. It really would make the world a better place. Here's a few of the ones seen around the island.

Some waste of space to society decided to rip the branch you see on the ground off this tree. The person who broke the branch off deserves to be punched in the face and anyone he or she was with who didn't immediately call this person out and shed tears for the tree deserves one as well. 

Who writes on the chalkboards over the urinals? Like most dudes, I avoid looking at the dude I'm peeing next to, but I'm pretty confident no one has ever puled out a key or sharpie and written on the urinal chalkboard while I've been standing next to them. I don't think I would be able to resist the urge to kindly put said dude's face through the chalkboard if I saw it. A punch in the face would be the nice way to do it.

Also in the restroom, who signs their name on the toilet paper dispenser?

This is of course the car that was flipped this past Grand Parade Day during Mardi Gras. Sure the car had been sitting in the same spot for awhile and was parked in the grass, but still what the hell? These other acts took a single person to accomplish, this one took a whole group of people. Think that most of the people involved in this will have children some day. That should scare the beads right off you. 

It's a shame that it isn't exactly kosher to punch people in the face for committing these acts. If you do happen to come across any of these in process, at least do the world a favor and call them out.