Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rest In Peace, Mary

If you've been to Carson's on a Friday or Saturday night, you know who Mary is. You may not have known her by name but you knew her by site. After you got past eagle-eyed Dave, the "old bald guy" at the door, she was there at her table right to the left of the door, ready to judge you. If you looked closely or if the lights caught her ears right, you noticed the absurd amount of earrings on her ear. It truly boggled the mind.

That was Mary. Mary recently passed away, leaving behind Dave (her husband) and a slew of people who knew and loved her.

I don't know if Mary knew me by name, since it wasn't regularly announced on the karaoke stage like others. It didn't matter. I knew from the warm embrace and kiss on the cheek I got every time I walked in the door that Mary and I were friends.  Mary loved sitting at that table. I've probably been to Carson's a couple hundred times during my Soulard tenure. I could count on one hand how many times Mary wasn't sitting at the table to greet me when I came in. Even on nights when Carson's was packed to the gills, I knew I had a place to stand...right next to Mary. Mary liked her space. If you invaded her space, you would probably get a elbow to the ribs "by accident".

If you were on Mary's good side, you win at life. If you weren't on Mary's good side, it's likely that she either judged you to be a douchebag, someone who thought their shit didn't stink or you are really bad at karaoke and should probably stop. On numerous occasions I was privileged to see someone get the thumbs down from Mary for a bad performance at karaoke or at life.

Mary loved her regulars at Carson's. I don't know how long she was a fixture at Carson's, definitely longer than I have lived here. Whatever the length of time was, it both seemed like a lot longer and wasn't long enough.

Carson's won't be the same without Mary. Think of Mary the next time to go to Carson's. Sing your heart out on the karaoke stage (unless you suck) and sing along at the top of your voice when Dave starts in on some good ol' Alabama from the back of the room.

Mary will be remembered at Carson's on Monday, October 21 from 1p-6p. Stop by and give Dave a hug, he probably doesn't like it but I bet Mary would find it hilarious. Feel free to leave your Mary memories in the comments.