Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get Excited for Mission Taco: Soulard

**Update** Here's some more on the new location form Feast.

As many of you already know, Mission Taco Joint will be opening a second location in St. Louis and has picked 908 Lafayette for that locations. Where is that you ask? It looks like this:

The space is actually connected to International Tap House and Epic Pizza & Subs by way of a door in the back of that space. The space was used a couple of years ago on Grand Parade Day as an overflow room by iTap. It's a big open space right now and it will be interesting to space and it will be quite interesting to see what Adam Tilford, the owner of Mission as well as Milagro and Tortillaria, can do with the space. He told Ian Froeb of the Post-Dispatch that he is thinking "a sort of open kitchen in which most diners will be able to see the tortilla press in operation and a little bit of the kitchen behind it." 

Tilford knows how the whole food-iTap thing works already seeing as how Tortillaria does quite the business serving customers of iTap CWE.

This will be awesome having an iTap-Epic-Mission complex on that corner. Both Epic and Mission have great food so there will be something for everyone in your group if you are hanging out enjoying drinks. 

If you aren't familiar with Mission Taco Joint in The Loop you are doing life wrong. Their menu features some quality tacos, burritos and tortas. They will also serve the high-quality cocktails and margaritas available at their other locations. Here are five things I am most excited to try, hopefully in May.

crisp flour tortilla filled with shredded chicken, corn, Chihuahua cheese, served with ancho bbq sauce and Mexican crema   $8

roasted local sweet potatoes, house made chorizo sausage, grilled onions, crema   $3.25

grilled chicken, Chihuahua cheese, cilantro rice, smashed black beans, chipotle aioli, topped with guacamole   $8

house made chorizo sausage, soft fried egg, pickled jalapeno, smashed black beans, Chihuahua cheese, garlic lime mayo   $9

bourbon, apple cinnamon syrup, Yellow Chartreuse   $8