Friday, November 29, 2013

Have You Seen Roxy?


Got this in the ol' email bag today
ROXY HAS BEEN FOUND!!!She made it 7 days, walked about 20 blocks (to Compton Heights) and wildly enough—ended up in my best friend’s backyard!He said their dog was going crazy, and he looked out and sure enough it was Roxy!She’s at the vet right now, and everything looks good! (lost 10 lbs and a little scratched up) I just wanted to thank the Soulard community and all my friends that helped with this.This neighborhood, has definitely restored my faith in humanity.
Got this email from a fellow Islander today. Please be on the lookout for Roxy

Roxy ran off about 6:30 pm Tuesday November 26, 2013.
She was hit outside of Joanie's, but seen sprinting away and then running down by pontiac park.
If she's hurt good chance she's hidden under a porch.
She's very friendly (people and dogs) zero aggression.
65lbs, brindle color, (hopefully on still) red collar, she's chipped, and my info is on her tags.
Please call Cody at 618-841-8119 even if you think you see her.
I drive a silver SUV with license plate HUDSN1.
Seriously, look how cute Roxy is. We hope she is ok.