Thursday, February 6, 2014

Awful Explosion Destroys Star Design Building

A crew installing a fiber-optic internet line at the Star Design building yesterday at the corner of Shenendoah and Menard nicked a natural gas line and set off an explosion that gutted the building. Luckily, employees of the business got out minutes before and no one was injured in the ensuing blaze. Here's video, posted to Facebook earlier today by a Soulard resident, of the building as it looked this morning.

All of the major news organizations were out as well as emergency crews from all of the utilities and from the Red Cross.

Power and gas were shut off to business and homes in the surrounding area to check for other possible damage. Services were mostly restored by the time the SRG meeting started last night, but crews were still blocking the streets immediately around the explosion site after the SRG Social last night.