Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mission Taco 2.0 opening late June in Soulard

UPDATE: The latest information out there has Mission opening in the first or second week of August.

As many of you probably know by now, the Tilford brothers are opening their newest restaurant here in Soulard. Mission Taco has been crazy successful in the Delmar Loop area and the brothers will be opening a second Mission location here in Soulard. It'll be right around the corner from iTap and Epic in that storefront on Ninth facing Bogart's.

Source: Space blog

Space is handling the build out of the space. They recently posted an update on their blog. Below are a few highlights of the post and a rendering of the space.

  • The restaurant is slated for a late June opening.
  • The bar "will float in a steel frame, surrounded by a curtain of wood".
  • The tables "will feature pine, interspersed with narrow strips of color".
  • The skylight in the middle of the space will have a bell in it.
  • A mural by Craig Downs will catch your eye.

Here's a rendering of the space.

Source: Space blog

On a side note, I was talking the other day with some friends of mine who live close to the Mission 2.0 site. Since they moved in 3-4 years ago, they've seen iTap, Epic, Sweet Divine and Bogart's all open within a block of them while only losing Gladstone's. Stretch that area out to two blocks and you also get the awesome food of Sassy Jac's. Stretch that out on the other side and you get Fields Foods. Needless to say, their property value has gone up a bit.