Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sneak Peek at Pizzeoli

Pizzeoli will open in October 8th at the corner of 12th and Allen. The spot was most recently occupied by Arcelia's. Before that, it was home to Juniper Grill.

If you can remember Arcelia's, Pizzeoli will not be utilizing the main seating area of the space. Owner Scott Sandler plans to have 14 seats around tables set up as well as nine seats set around the bar. The main bar is the same as it had been in the space but without the clutter behind it. Pizzeoli will have six beer taps and a vintage Coca-Cola cooler behind the bar. From that cooler, Sandler will serve beverages such as Coker de Mexico and Fanta de Mexico, drinks sweetened with natural ingredients.

I got the opportunity to taste several pizzas during my visit there last week. The oven Sandler will using a Naples-style wood-fired oven for his pizza. This oven has a smaller mouth and a smaller dome than some of the other woo-fired ovens around. The oven can fully cook a pizza in about 60 seconds at around 800 degrees.

I'll admit Neapolitan pizza isn't my first choice when I go out. So, if you are looking for an in-depth and professional food review, I suggest you wait for Sauce, Feast, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or the Riverfront Times to review it.

I really enjoyed the consistency of the crust Sandler uses. It folds well with the toppings, which is a plus. With a pinch of sea salt added to the crust right before it enters the oven, you get a good flavor from the crust. The Margherita pizza, the staple of any place of this nature, was excellent. The smoked mozzarella pie was really a treat. The cheese had a great consistency and tasted great. The perfect amount of smoked flavor. Sandler says he will be using local cheeses, but hasn't decided exactly yet on where he'll be getting it from.

Scott and I had a discussion a week or so prior to this about the lack of meat toppings on the menu. He told me he had a plan for that that I would probably be happy with. I was defiantly pleased when trying the finished product. The pizza on the menu is called The Soulard and will feature MATCH Italian sausage with a brushing of chili flakes.

A preliminary menu is available on the Pizzeoli website. 7 or 8 different pies will be available as well as a salad and a couple desserts. Pizzas will be 12 inches and cost between $9.95 for the Margherita and $13.95 for some of the more elaborate options. Hours are start out as Tuesday-Saturday from 5 pm - 9 pm. Lunch hours and Monday hours are possible in the future.

I look forward to being able to enjoy Pizzeoli Neapolitan pizza in mid-October in Soulard. Enjoy some pictures I took during my visit and take my word and try it when it opens. Be sure to follow Pizzeoli on Facebook.