Thursday, October 21, 2010

Community Clothes Swap

Here's a completely free event that seems pretty cool this weekend:

Community Clothes Swap
Sunday, Oct 24th 1-3p
1809 S. 8th Street (Trinity Lutheran Schoolhouse)
Sponsored by August Gate

You've got 4 choices with this event, kinda like a Choose Your Own Adventure book:

  1. You can get rid of clothes you don't want
  2. You can enhance your wardrobe for FREE
  3. You can trade your clothes out for new models, much like creepy old men trade out wives only less creeptastic
  4. A combo of 1-3
So, if you have clothes you want to get rid of, wash them and bring them down to 1809 S. 8th Street at 1pm on Sunday. Between 1 and 3, it's like the best garage sale in the world. Anything left at 3pm will be donated to charity.

If you have clothes you want to get rid of but can't make it down, email me at ryan(at) and I will come pick them up if I can.

Now I know you may think that since this is sponsored by a church, there has to be a catch, but trust me when I say there is no Kool-Aid involved