Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Awesome Randomness of Globe Drug

Have you ever needed something and wondered "I wonder if Walgreen's even carries that?" I have and now I realize that every time I wonder that, I need to head East on Geyer over Broadway to Globe Drug because they more than likely have what I am looking for.

Do you need a plunger?  Globe has it.  Some roach killer that is probably toxic enough to kill an elephant?  Globe has it.  How about 24 oz of some of the best beer known to mankind for under a buck?

How about fancy wines?

 Need a bookshelf?

How about some dirt cheap Ed Hardy beer that probably tastes as crappy as his t-shirts look?  Globe has you covered.

You can get some great deals on soda and snacks at Globe, just be aware you are doing so under the assumption that it is not life threatening to consume outdated products. 20 oz. sodas for 25 cents?  I'm sure they tasted great prior to Aug. 4th.  These fudge-covered Oreos?

Yeah, I took this picture on Oct 12. But, then again, we're talking about Oreos covered in FUDGE.  Risk is worth the reward.

If you are really adventorous, you could try the surprise package.  Judging by the things normally available in Globe, who knows what in the world could be in this box.

FYI: This post was written using the free wireless internet at Llywelyn's while consuming half-price apps.  iLoveSoulard