Thursday, November 18, 2010

International Tap House

I love me some iTap.  I have three shirts and a passport to prove it. With some of the best specials on the Island, probably the best wait staff, an overwhelming collection of beer knowledge and selection, and a multitude of televisions; International Tap House should probably go ahead and sew my name into the back of a chair at the bar.
There's so much to love about iTap that I'm going to break this into sections

The owners at iTap did a great job hiring Jason and Cory as their Managers.  These two have done an excellent job hiring and training the staff.  The waitresses are excellent at suggesting beers and knowing what is on tap.  It would be very easy for them to come off like they are reading from a script (much like an AT&T customer service rep in the Philippines who happens to be named "Bob") and it impresses me even more that they don't. I wouldn't be surprised if a few have gotten marriage proposals based in part on their beer knowledge. Even the doormen are cool guys.

When I hit the 100-beer mark, they gave me a shirt that read "100 down...400 to go".  Actually there are more than 500 available. If you can't find a beer you like here, you should probably do everyone a favor and take your Affliction shirt to Washington Avenue.

Live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  It's my favorite place in Soulard to watch live music because the music is not overwhelming.  They get the picture that most "bands" should be confined to concert venues, not bars in Soulard. Too often, a band in a bar takes away from the experience whereas here it enhances it.  Usually various acoustic acts play Fridays and Saturdays.  For any Mizzou alums, Adam Stanley plays on Thursday nights.  Live music typically starts at 8 or 9 pm.

Television Situation
 The TV situation is hands-down the best on the Island.  6 tvs across the bar, 1 on the corner, 2 in the front and 3 in the back make it perfect to watch any game. Multiple games on at once? Head to iTap to catch them all. Saturdays are packed with various college football fan groups.  The Virginia Tech and Notre Dame Alumni groups have made this home base for games.

 iTap doesn't serve food, it goes one better.  Bring in any food you want. It's like the best part of a Winery without the worst (the wine). Want food delivered?  Ask the bar for an postcard with the numbers of local places that deliver.  I will often cook dinner at my house and bring it to iTap while I grab a beer because well, I'm cool like that and I get lonely easily.

Here are some suggestions for food
  • Domino's: Ask for the $5.99 large two-topping carry-out. In 10 minutes exit the front door, turn left and walk 427 feet. Here's the walking map if you need it.
  • Feraro's: The best pizza in Soulard.  If it's a Tuesday, get a 14" 3-topping for $10
  • Jimmy John's: Personal record for phone call to food in hand? 7 min 
Sure, iTap may be a little more expensive than some other areas bars, but factor in that there's never a cover charge and these specials before you make your decisions

Happy Hour
3p-7p M-F $1 off all drafts

  • Monday
    • 1/2 off Half the Drafts--8p to close---drafts with Mardi Gras beads around them are half off.

  • Tuesday
    •  $3 Missouri Beers--8p to close--This of course does not include A-B products because 1) they are a rarity at this beer bar and 2) That's a Belgian company

  • Wednesday
    • $12 Kill The Keg--8p to close--- Pay your $12 and you get pints all night of whatever the Bartender chooses, one keg at a time.  I've been there nights when they only go through two and nights when they finish off 6 or 7.

  • Thursday
    • Passport Night $1 off 12 oz bottles, $2 off 22oz bombers and $3 off 750ml bottles----8p to close--This is the night to try those bigger beers you wouldn't normally try. Must have an iTap Passport to get the discount

  • Mizzou Games
    • During Mizzou football games, get $3 Missouri Beers 12 oz bottles and drafts

Special Events
Nov/Dec Special Events

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