Friday, February 4, 2011

Molly's Opens Bistro and Craft Cocktail Lounge

Molly's opened their new Bistro today and I decided to check it out for lunch.  The Grand Opening party was scheduled for tonight so they were finishing up some work in the bar area, but it looks pretty swanky. Apparently they will be slinging fancy cocktails among other drinks. I am hoping that also includes PBR for us classier folks.

Part of the dining area looks pretty much the same as I remember it from before.  There is a separate dining area down some stairs with more of a Bistro feel and a fireplace.  I didn't take pics of this because there were people eating in there and they may not have appreciated it.

I got a cup of the gumbo and the Herb Grilled Chicken sandwhich with sweet potato fries.  The gumbo was good with huge chunks of chicken.  The sandwhich was really tasty and had more flavor than I am used to in a grilled chicken sandwhich that isn't from KFC.  The sweet potato fries were regular cut, not waffle and really good.  I suggest asking for a cup of maple syrup for dipping.  You will probably get a weird look, but it is worth it. Molly's also serves Pepsi products which is a plus.

The staff seemed a little overwhelmed but they did a good job and were good people.  My waitress didn't charge me for my soda, which is the quickest way to an excessive tip in my book.

Here's the link to the menus