Friday, February 11, 2011

U.S. Cellular Family Winter Carnival This Saturday

What are you doing this Saturday?  If you happen to have kids, your answer should be "Going to the Family Winter Carnival".  If you don't, you should probably borrow from somewhere in your family and bring them. This Saturday from 11a-4:30pm, the great folks at Mardi Gras, Inc will be putting this event on.  There will be all kinds of things for the kids to do.  Tons of mulch has been brought in to cover the snow on the ground and a heated tent is already hanging out in the park.

At 4pm, the kids will parade around the block and have their own Grand Parade.  Check out the website for more info.  Folks from August Gate will be handling most of the volunteering for the event, but if you really want to volunteer as well, shoot me an email Ryan(at)  I will check your grammar, run your name through the sex offender registry, and let you know how you can help.