Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Love Soulard: The Lost Column

So, my column didn't make the cut this month for the Soulard Renaissance. Here's the "lost column".... 

       Hello Springtime.  Another winter season is behind us.  We made it through another Mardi Gras season largely in-tact. Even after massive amounts of snow and ice that wouldn't seem to go away and thousands of “amateurs” flooding the streets of our fine Island, Soulard is back to normal and ready for warmer weather.                 Hopefully y'all took full advantage of the two months of Mardi Gras related activities.  If you didn't get a chance to volunteer at all for any of the events, I advise you to put that on your list for next season.  The carnival season takes on a whole new meaning when you are helping mix 1000 gallons of Hurricanes or riding around on a golf cart hanging up parking signs while getting yelled at by some local crazies.
    Now that all that is behind us until January 6 of next year, it's time to start filling your calendars with other awesomeness.  Luckily, we live in the epicenter of awesomeness in St. Louis.  If you don't know the extent of Soulard's awesomeness, I offer you a couple things that might be on the same level as the Island; 1) Netflix streaming and 2) Sundress day at Mizzou.
    As the weather becomes nicer, I encourage you to take this opportunity to get out and better the world around you.  We all know I'm not perfect, so don't think I am preaching to you to be perfect. Only one man was ever perfect, and I am not talking about Charlie Sheen.  This guy was more like Chuck Norris infused with tiger blood.  If we all strive to do one thing each day that betters the world around us, our neighborhood will be that much better.  
    By now, you have probably heard that in the latest census numbers, the City of St. Louis's population dropped.  What you may not know, unless of course you read my blog, is that the population of Soulard actually rose by 8%.  While you could attribute that to our general awesomeness, it has a lot to do with the people in this neighborhood striving to make a difference. We've got awesome people that are doing great things to make a difference.  
    Islanders are already volunteering every Wednesday morning with 3rd and 4th graders at Peabody working on their reading skills and soon will be going on Thursday mornings as well.
     Odds are there is a teacher on your block that is making a difference somewhere in the Metro area.  Whether it be at our own Lift for Life Academy or in one of the other area schools, these stellar individuals are playing a crucial role in this community.
    I've met so many doctors and nurses on the Island, I am pretty confident that my emergency plan in the case of tornados of heading to 9th and Lafayette and picking a pub is the way to go.
    I encourage you to get out and get around the neighborhood. Whether you bike, run, walk, jog, or cartwheel I bet there are many places on the Island that you will be surprised to haven't taken the time to look at before.  I encourage you to take out the earbuds when you come across someone,you never know who you will meet.
    Is there a patch of dirt on the sidewalk in front of your house?  Adopt it.  Plant some flowers or something.  I adopted some in front of my house last year and now my neighbors are planning on doing their own gardening this year because they realize I garden about as well as I clean my house.
    Another season of Cardinals baseball and day drinking is here and I advise you go ahead and start scheduling yourself off work for every day game. There's a certain freedom that comes with climbing on a free shuttle from Soulard, plastic cup in hand, and getting dropped off at Busch Stadium.  Just remember to tip your driver and buy something from the establishment.  Don't be one of those free-loaders who uses the shuttle or trolley and doesn't buy anything from the bar.  I judge you and so does everyone else who is sitting on the shuttle watching you pull that stunt.
    All those sick days you saved up when you went to work sick during the winter?  Plan on using them on nice days and enjoying one of the many fine patios in Soulard.  Karma will probably get you back when you actually are sick, but you can deal with that then.
    Enjoy the nicer weather Islanders and get out and make a difference.  It's time for this neighborhood to lead the way in the resurgence of this great city.
    Until next time folks. Check me out online at and most importantly, stay fly.