Thursday, March 17, 2011

SeenInSoulard #32: Globe Drug

I found this at Globe Drug today. That's right, it's March and I have six (scratch that, 3) Wheach cans in my fridge.  And this is exactly how I bought it for $1.98.  It appears they cut a 12 pack in half and put some tape over it.  I waited until one got cold and cracked one open.  Didn't taste as good today as good as when I had the first one of the season at iTap, but still made me set it in my calendar to go back to Globe tomorrow and buy the remaining inventory.

This was also available for purchase.  This life-size cardboard cutout was used to promote some product at some event on the AVP tour.  I didn't think it was worth the $2.98, which I believe says maybe my willpower is getting stronger?  Or maybe if the dude wasn't featured so prominently I would have bought it.