Monday, June 27, 2011

Gladstone's Closes Just In Time

If you were following the #Soulard Twitterverse on Saturday night, you saw that Gladstone's, at the corner of Soulard and 10th, closed up shop after Saturday night.  Looks like they closed just in time, too.  I was out of town, but judging from the Twitterverse that night, St. Louis got a ton of rain.  Apparently, the rain caused the already falling-apart building to attempt a complete suicide, where the ceilings on two floors at least partially-caved in.  No one was hurt.  I guess the building has about as much support as this Gladstone's Bartender's pants, or lack thereof.

Gladstone's had been up for sale for a good while.  Here's a link to the Craigslist posting that I am pretty sure is Gladstone's.

A gentleman who was exiting the building while I was taking pictures said that work began on the front of the building to "make it safe" at the end of April and since then "they haven't done sh&t".  In accessing the property records for that address, we see that the building is owned by Rothschild Properties Soulard LLC, the same company behind Red Brick.  A building permit was issued on 6/8/11 for " EXTERIOR REPAIRS AS PER PLANS" valued at about $8,000.

Here's a link to a blog post concerning this holding company and their involvement in owning the eyesore that is falling down by Chava's.