Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Places to Watch Sports in Soulard

In honor of the U.S. vs. Japan game this Sunday for the Women's World Cup Championship,  I figured I would put out a list of the best places to watch sports in Soulard.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • International Tap House
    • With over 10 good-sized televisions and all the sports channels you need, iTap is a great place to watch games.  Add that you can bring in your own food or have some delivered and it is an even better choice.  Downside is that no hard liquor is available and you can't bring that in, but soft drinks and a few wines are available.
  • DB's Sports Bar
    • A wealth of televisions and good food works for DB's.  Reminder: the DB's girls will be wearing lingerie so I wouldn't advise taking your kids there unless you have a little talk before hand.
  • Johnny's
    • A good amount of televisions and a huge menu.  Plus, their slogan refers to the food as "better than it has to be". Johnny's is the original "lingerie bar" in Soulard.  Cool fact:  This building is the birthplace of Mardi Gras in St. Louis as we know it
  • Llywelyn's
    • This is the only real restaurant I would put on this list.  The three televisions behind the bar and the one on the back wall means you can see the game from anywhere.  A full menu is available of pretty good food.  Tip:  The back bar area is where you want to be if you are really interested in the game.
Sunday Game Plan
I'll be watching the game with friends at iTap.  Johnny's isn't open on Sundays unless it is football season and I'm not sure about DB's.  Llywelyn's would also be a fine place to watch the game.  iTap is offering $1 off Missouri draft beers.  Doubtful that Bogart's will be open so, plan accordingly.  Maybe have some Feraro's delivered to the bar? Children are welcome at iTap, just remember to only give them hard cider if they are crying.