Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soulard Helps St. Louis Earn National Ranking

Credit GQ
Y'all may have heard the news that St. Louis was recently earned a #10 ranking by GQ on a National List of American Cities. The list happened the be the "40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America" list.  Kansas City was light-years behind us with a #37 ranking.  St. Louis beat out such great cities as Nashville, Jersey Shore, Atlanta, Wasilla (Alaska) and even Martha's Vineyard.  Clearly the list is a legitimate one since the Nashville picture is of Billy Ray Cyrus in '91 and Mark Zuckerberg is pictured for San Francisco in a fit of jealousy.

Why is this on iLoveSoulard, you ask?  Because clearly Soulard contributed significantly to this lofty ranking.  I'm sure GQ staffers were sent to each city for the story.  Odds are they visited Soulard and saw our excellent fashion style dubbed "we'll go out in whatever we da*n well please, it's Soulard".  They more than likely were appalled that we cared more about whiskey,Schlafly, and Journey on the jukebox than Armani and Versace.

Here's to show than no matter how hard the "Wash Ave.", CWE, and "Missouri Shore" crowd try, the common man is alive and well in Soulard.