Thursday, August 4, 2011

SeenInSoulard #58 Banned From Soulard

These celebrities pictured share a very distinguished honor.  All of them have a standing Neighborhood Order of Protection (NBO) against them from Soulard.  This means if they set foot on the Island, they can be arrested.  Neighborhoods get NBOs against individuals because they are a menace to the neighborhood.  Here's some highlights on two of these characters:
  • Melissa Pontius--Here's where she fired a gun at a group of people in a parking garage, the St. Charles City Hall Garage. Looks like in Soulard, it was just a harmless 3rd degree assault charge and resisting arrest, accoring to CaseNet.  The NBO for her against Soulard runs until Jan1, 2099, according to CaseNet.
  • Frank McEwan (McEwen)--The infamous "Black Barbie".  A short check finds NBOs against him for Fox Park and South Grand as well.  Most importantly he stole a burger from me once.  Granted, it was  a Llywelyn's $1 burger but still, the crime was committed.