Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ashborne Benefit Show At Off Broadway

I usually don't blog about music, mainly because y'all really don't want to hear about my love for Footloose, Adele, country music and The Voice.

But, this Saturday happens to be a benefit show just off the island at Off Broadway that a great friend of mine is involved in.

If you have know me; have been to Carson's for karaoke; or both, you probably know who Bobby Jones is. Not only is he a helluva guy and one of those people who can run Ironman races, he also is musically gifted.

He was in this band called Ashborne that played all around St. Louis.  When he was in school at Wash U, I know he played down on The Landing a lot. The band has had quite a few twists, turns and different members from what I understand through the years.

This Saturday, the whole clan is getting back together for a show to benefit kidney cancer awareness. Check out the Facebook event page.

Cover is $15 for those over 21 and $17 for the babies.  All of the money goes to the cause.


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