Saturday, February 25, 2012

Watch Mizzou Vs Kansas at iTap

Today is a very important game for the Missouri Tigers.  This is a must-win game.  Sure, the result in this game will factor into our seeding for the Tournament, but this game is a must-win because it's Kansas.  Not just that though, it always will probably be the last game in the rivalry. Kansas will always hold the advantage in this basketball series, but Mizzou has dominated in sports overall.

That being said, you need to be out for this one.  You need to be somewhere where everyone will be into the game.  Come to International Tap House on 9th. It's been confirmed via Twitter that game audio will be on and Missouri beers will be $3 with the exception of the O'Fallon BDS. 

Make your food plans in advance. Here are your best options, in my opinion:
Gametime is 3pm on CBS. Here's a preview