Thursday, July 12, 2012

BarCycle Shelved For Rest Of Summer

In an absolute farce of a hearing, the CCN Hearing for the BarCycle was taken off the agenda by Louis. P. Hamilton the Chairman of the Commission. It will be on the agenda for the August meeting, which comes on the 28th of August as decided today. Look for more information later. I will say that the Commission wanted to check with the Excise Commissioner before deciding the fate of the BarCycle. Apparently, this couldn't be done between the time the BarCycle was put on the June agenda and now. The Commission didn't meet in June due to too many members having better things to do. Clearly, we don't expect them to do any research in a timely manner

**Update after a few beers******
I was the one who spoke with the RFT for their story. They feature a tweet from Mayor Slay seemingly in support of the BarCycle. They also talk to Kara Bowlin, Slay's Spokesperson, who addressed the Excise talk by saying the BarCycle didn't need to go through them at all.

How exactly is the Taxi Commission able to use that to delay talking about the BarCycle? Are the Taxi Commission people so out of touch with reality that they think it is perfectly ok to string the BarCycle along for this long? All of these folks are appointed to this board by either Mayor Slay or Charlie Dooley, the St. Louis County Executive. Do they have that little respect for those two men that they can't fulfill their duties for the Taxi Commission in a timely manner? Here is a list of board members:

Louis P. Hamilton - Chairman

Dave McNutt - Vice Chairman of Operations

W. Thomas Reeves - Vice Chairman of Finance

Eyasu Asfaw
Vincent Bennett
Adebabay Gidey
Basil Rudawsky
Larry Satz
J. Kim Tucci

Some of these names, you will recognize from other groups and boards around St. Louis. Which of these members is doing St. Louis a disservice by failing to fulfill his responsibilities on the Taxi Commission? From attending today's meeting, I would say that all of them are at fault. Not one Board Member spoke when Louis Hamilton said he was going to take the BarCycle off the agenda. When I raised the opposition that this has been on the agenda since June, the board seemed to think it was perfectly logical to use the "we didn't have a June meeting" excuse. I'm sorry y'all couldn't find the time in your busy schedules to meet, but then maybe you shouldn't be on the Board? Seems logical to me. I really don't care if it gives you an ego-boost to be on the board. If you can't fulfill your responsibilities, then get out of the way so someone who cares, can.