Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sign The BarCycle Petition

Obviously, there are some people opposed to the St. Louis BarCycle operating in the Soulard neighborhood. If there weren't people opposed then it would be in operation now. Of course, if the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission Board hadn't found better things to do than hold a June meeting or had granted the BarCycle a fair hearing in July, the BarCycle would probably be back on the streets of Soulard.
The BarCycle will likely be the subject of a heated discussion at the next meeting of the Soulard Restoration Group on Wednesday August 1. Hopefully many Soulard residents will be in attendance at the meeting to make their voices heard. To give the SRG Board and other interested parties a general idea of the level of support that the BarCycle has, iLoveSoulard would like you to sign the following petition and comment as you wish.

Feel free to also voice your opinion to, Phyllis Young and the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Commission.