Monday, August 27, 2012

BarCycle Blown Off Again?

An email apparently went out late this afternoon from the office of Alderwoman Phyllis Young saying that tomorrow's scheduled hearing on the CCN licensing for the St. Louis BarCycle has been cancelled. No further information was given.

I am working on getting a copy of that original email from the Alderwoman Young's office. A call to the owner of the BarCycle confirmed that he was not contacted directly in regards to the cancellation. He found out from a notice sent by the administrator of a Soulard listserv. That email, sent at 4:35pm, read as follows:

CANCELLED!Tue Aug 28 – Taxi Cab Commission Hearing – Barcycle Review - hearing for the St. Louis Barcycle on at the Taxicab Commission office, 2628 Delmar, 63103. For more information:  and Per an email received from Alderman Young’s office, the hearing for the BarCycle has been cancelled.  If and/or when there is a hearing, the information will be shared at that time.  No other information is available at this time. 
The email was sent by someone in Alderwoman Young's office as I am told she is out of town. Conveniently, the office closed at 5pm. 

The Taxicab Commission website still has the agenda for tomorrow's 9am meeting posted with the BarCycle hearing scheduled.

For more information on the joke that this situation has become, go here.