Thursday, November 29, 2012

2013 RFT Web Awards

This blog was lucky enough to be named "Best Neighborhood Blog" by the Rivefront Times in 2012. It was quite the honor. Nominations have opened for the 2013 Web Awards and close within the next week or so.

Best Neighborhood Blog is again a category and I would be honored if you chose to nominate this site. Best Digital Photo Collection is also a category. Here's the iLoveSoulard slideshow if you think iLoveSoulard deserves a nomination in that category.

Other ideas for nominations? MattSebek for funniest Twitter feed. JoeSportsFan for Best Crowd-Funded Campaign. Best Local Meme is a category because there's no way anyone but themselves could compete with  WhatHighSchoolShouldWeCallMe. Here are a few of my favorites:

Reading Texts I Sent During Soulard Oktoberfest
Black Wednesday At McGurk's
Realizing That Mardi Gras Is Three Months From Today

You could also vote for this one, but honestly, the other ones are funnier.

Feel free to post your ideas for nominations in the comments.