Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saturday 4/20: A Great Day In Soulard

Some people who like to hear themselves talk will tell you that 4/20 is a day to smoke the pot. They will then proceed to laugh like they made a funny joke that no one has heard before.

Saturday 4/20/13 was a great day in Soulard. The Sweet Divine opened to a line at 8am, 50+ island neighbors volunteered to set-up, pour beer and clean up at the Tap 'N' Run. and the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis brought Shakespeare to Soulard.

The Sweet Divine brings their award-winning cakes and cupcakes to the island as well as coffee, espresso and pastries.

Tap 'N' Run brought 3,600 runners to Soulard for a great time. Jam Active, which runs these races all across the country, said the Soulard race was the largest race they have put on. They credited the Soulard Restoration Group volunteers for the event running so smoothly.

Members of the Alpha Psi Omega chapter at Saint Louis University practiced for weeks to put on a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream in front of Sweet Divine on the corner of 9th and Soulard. The event was part of the Shake38, the 38-play Shakespeare marathon that brings his plays to various places across St. Louis. It is part of the Shakespeare St. Louis Festival.

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