Monday, May 27, 2013

SeenInSoulard #120

Got this picture and story in my email the other day:

 I recently dropped my clothes off at Soulard Soap for some fluff and fold.  Since I'm on the road a lot, I just drop em off and pick em up a couple days later.  
I was coming back to pick up my laundry when I spotted them… underwear.  
Yep, there were sitting in the gutter in the same spot where I pulled the basket out of my car three days prior.  I guess they fell out of the basket while I was running in.  Soaking wet and covered with various Soulard stuff, I pulled them out and put them in the can across the street.  
Oops!  Sorry Soulard, but you've seen my boxers and it wasn't pretty.  I wonder how many people walked by and said "gross, somebody's boxers?"   I know I did before I realized they were mine.