Monday, January 26, 2015

Shelly's Gets A Logo

Soulard lost a longtime business back in September when Clementine's sold its last stiff drink on September 29. The building and parking lot across Allen were sold and a new bar will open in place of Clem's.

The new owners have done a lot of work to the building, Here's a recent picture of the outside.

Mark Packer first spoke at the November General Membership meeting of the Soulard Restoration Group about the building he had purchased and his plans. He said he wanted to make the place into a "true sports bar" and shot down rumors that the place would be a "gentleman's club". He said they were targeting a January 1 opening. A representative of the bar again spoke at the January SRG General Membership meeting where they invited residents to stop by for a tour if they were out and about. They also spoke of some mess that was caused by having to completely redo the main water line into the building.

There's no word yet on the opening date, but Shelly's In Soulard does have a Facebook page and a logo.

Shelly's In Soulard sports bar

The logo came from 99designs. a crowd-sourcing site. From the project page, 134 designs were submitted by 44 different designers and cost the owners of Shelly's $499. The bar also submitted a blurb about the description of the bar and its target audience.

"Description of the organization and its target audience

Shelly's will be a sports bar in the Soulard neighborhood in St Louis.
The Soulard area is a historic French district (mid 1800s victorian)
that is the nightlife and partying center of St. Louis. Soulard hosts
the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the country.
Shelly's will be located in a 1860 vintage brick victorian building
with New Orleans style balcony. We are in the heart of Soulard. The
bar will be sexy but classy. We will have a "good time" party
atmosphere. We will have attractive outgoing flirty servers. Many flat
screen TVA for sports. We will do some live music. The Interior
features a large classic wood bar and lots of exposed brick and rich
wood. Drinks and food will be moderately priced. We are aiming at
business and working guys during the day and a fun crowd at night.
Target age range is 35-65.
We feature attractive outgoing flirty servers. I would like to see
some designs that convey a sexy look (without being sleezy or tacky or
making us look like a "strip club" - which we're not) - something that
says flirty, tease, suggestive, provocative. Maybe include some
element(s) like: the form or suggestion of the female body, an
attractive face, lips, high heals, mardi gras beeds, mardi gras mask,
a sly smile, martini glass or similar.
I would also like to see some designs that convey fun and party.
Something that is more wild and/or casual in styling and less "iconic"
and symetrical. Something that's a bit louder and more daring. We want
our bar to be the the place to party in Soulard. Looking for something
that says: fun, wild, up for whatever happens."

To the best of my knowledge, Shelly's In Soulard was recently granted a liquor license by the City of St. Louis's Excise Division.

Debate about Shelly's has been quite fierce on Next Door, the community social app. Feel free to post your comments below while keeping note of two things:

1) While this description doesn't scream "family-friendly", it doesn't say "half-naked waiters/waitresses who can hook you up with the white powder coke" either. It's pretty logical for any new place to want "attractive, outgoing flirty servers". Businesses (other than Clem's and their ridiculously stiff drinks) exist to make money. You want people to have a great experience. There's a difference between how much money you need to bring in when you've owned a building/business for awhile and how much you need to make after shelling (get it?) out a ton for rehabbing a building. Can you imagine how much it cost just to get the stale smoke smell out? Add in the cost of quite a few televisions and you are looking at a lot of money.

2) I'm tired of hearing "Soulard doesn't need ANOTHER sports bar". The only way that argument is accepted is if you can point me to all of these great sports bars you think we have in Soulard. I sure haven't found them.