Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Take A Tour Of Vacant Building At 9th and Lami

Real Estate Investment Company JDS Properties recently uploaded a video tour of the vacant building at the corner of 9th and Lami. I believe the address is 2330 S. 9th Street. The entry I found on Zillow says the building is 3,520 square feet and is currently "off market". The "zestimate" on the building is $290,643.

The company is run by John Skaggs and advertises that they have "rehabbed and/or sold over 300 real estate investment properties" in St. Louis since being formed in October 2003.

The narrator takes viewers on a tour of the property while pointing out what would be needed to rehab the building. He estimates the cost of the rehab would be about $200,000. It looks like someone did at least some basic framing work in anticipation of a rehab.

The building features three floors, but the stairs inside leading from the first to second floors have gone missing. The second floor can be accessed from the stairs in the backyard while the third floor can then be accessed from inside. Many of the windows have been replaced on the third floor to go along with plumbing and framing work.

Anyone interested in more information from JDS can reach them at 901-212-7246. John D. Skaggs Properties has several other videos of rehabs in Soulard as well as surrounding neighborhoods.

If anyone has any other information on the history of the building, I would love to hear it.